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Welcome to the website on behalf of our beautiful community, created by your Shea Heights Community Center Board (SHCCB) .Here you will find newsletters, a schedule of events, resources, information about us as your board, and other important information about the happenings in the community. If you have a question/concern/comment, please e-mail us at the address provided in the upper right area of every page. Thanks for visiting!

The Community of Shea Heights dates back to the early 1920’s, when people living St. John’s sought to escape the burden of City taxes.

From just a few pioneering families, to a community of over 2000, Shea Heights has grown over its 80 year history to become a strong, vibrant community within the City of St. John’s, while constantly maintaining its strong values: family, friendship, and sense of community.

For more than a decade, the Shea Heights Community Center Board (SHCCB) has worked diligently to ensure that the foundation that the community was built on is preserved, through various community initiatives.

The SHCCB is comprised of a variety of individuals, all of whom share the same mandate. These members and the structure can be viewed on our “Meet our Board” page. Feel free to check us out and get to know the members that represent you as a community.

The SHCCB is very pleased to be able to present various events throughout the calendar year which bring the Community together:

* Winterfest
* Volunteer Appreciation Night
* Folk Festival
* Remembrance Day Ceremony
* Santa Claus Parade
* Christmas Tree Lighting
* Christmas Raffle

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