Shea Heights Community Board

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Many of us have no idea the amount of work and dedication that contributes to the smooth running of our community based programs and events. All of our functions are run by a team of volunteers that give countless hours to help make our events and functions a great experience. Below is a directory of the current board members and personal statements on why they chose to become members sitting on the board. This will help you understand who is on our board, why we choose to volunteer,  and recognize those that can be contacted if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to apply to become a member on our board.

Meet Our Board Members

Melissa-Earles Druken, (Chairperson)

“I love planning events and being a contributing member of my community. I also love being around the great people that sit on our board, and those in the amazing community of Shea Heights!”

Peter Jordan, (Assistant Chairperson)

“I sit on the board for the love of my community. I grew up in a community of people that consider themselves one big family. I would love for this tradition to continue through our youth and developing families for many generations to come.”

Nicole Norman, (Treasurer)

“I love to be involved in my community, give my opinion and thoughts on community matters, know what goes on to offer skills and experience, and learn more about the community’s members and all of the wonderful functions that make Shea Heights a great place to live.”

Kearney Druken, (Secretary, school council Representative, Softball Association) 

“I benefit greatly from the volunteering activities that my family was involved in growing up and I want to ensure that the kids in our community are given the same opportunity to enjoy events as they grow up. I’ve also always enjoyed helping people.”

Lisa Bishop, (Shea Heights Community Health Center Representative, Community Alliance Representative)

“Sitting on the board is a good opportunity to provide a linkage between the health center and the board, as well as, to support the Community Alliance activities.”

Stephen Darcy, (Shea Heights Community Center Representative, Community Alliance Representative)

“I joined the board to continue a close working relationship between the community health center and the community at large.”

Ron Ellsworth (Deputy Mayor, City of St John’s)

“Shea Heights Community Board is an active board and my focus is on building and supporting the community.”

Dana Hennessey (Community member)

“Growing up, I’ve always wanted to help people, become a positive role model, and volunteer in my community. Becoming a member of the Shea Heights Community Board has opened my eyes to all of our wonderful community members and their endless contributions. I plan to encourage my generation, and future generations to contribute to the community in any way they can for the benefit of our community as a whole.”

Crystal Barron (City of St John’s Recreation department representative)

Kristina Wakeham (Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation Representative)

“I joined the board as a representative for NLHC and to provide resource support to the board. I like to bring new ideas,  experience, and to promote community engagement/development.”

Elaine Kane (Community Member)

Susan Kennedy (Community Member)

“When the board first started, I was approached by city officials at the recreation department and was asked to sit on the board. At that time, I was involved with the Scouts and the Move to Improve tenants association. I spent a lot of time volunteering at the center. I have had the pleasure to have been involved with many of our events over the years such as the Tree Lighting and Raffle, and the Children’s Halloween Parties”

Jocelyn  (30+ year volunteer)

“I began volunteering at 14 years old and loved being a part of the many community events.”

Mel Hong (Member at Large)

“I joined the board as a resource person for the city council and due to the connection from previous years as the principle of St John Bosco School. I am impressed with the variety and quality of the events that our board is able to launch”

Tonya Hayward

Keith Norman

A special thanks to our past board members who gave time and effort to benefit our community over the years.

Linda Scanlon

Madonna Hanlon