Did You Know?

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Want to see interesting things about our community and the residents within? Have a story, poem, article, or piece of artwork that you would like to share on our website? E-mail us your submission and it could appear here on our community post! Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the tidbits of information about the lovely community we live in.


Did you know that there is a published author originally from our very own community? Her name is Ashley Dooley and you can check out her website below!



Did you know that there is an article that talks about how awesome our community is to live in? Check it out!

The Hood on the Hill

┬áDid you know that residents from our very own community posted a video and it went viral? Click the link below to see “Mudder I’m Stuck”.

Mudder I’m Stuck!

We have used the familiarity of this video to boost our annual cancer walk and raise funds for cancer patients in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you want more information about our cancer walk please visit the “What’s New?” page.