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About the Alliance

The Shea Heights Community Alliance (SHCA) is an organization consisting of the Shea Heights Community Board, the Shea Heights Community Health Centre, and St. John Bosco School. The mission of the SHCA is to promote community health and well-being in Shea Heights, with a focus on the community’s youth. The SHCA values the many strengths that Shea Heights has as a community, and is committed to using those strengths to spread the word about health and wellness in the community. Shea Heights helping Shea Heights!

How We Started

The SHCA’s journey began when staff at the health clinic expressed a desire to explore the topic of health and wellness amongst young people in the community. The Community Board and school were approached for their feedback on this topic. Both groups were excited about the idea, and all three parties began to work closely together. This partnership strengthened, and the SHCA was formed with the goal of helping Shea Heights be as strong and healthy a community as possible. They decided to tackle their goal through 3 ways: research, community engagement, and taking action!

What We Do


The alliance has conducted research to gauge community health. This has consisted of things such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys.

Community Engagement

The SHCA is passionate reaching out to the community-at-large and its residents. The SHCA is present at major community events (Folk Festival, WinterFest, etc.). They enjoy talking to people in the community about their life in Shea Heights and their thoughts on youth health and wellness. Next time you see them, stop by, say hello, and learn about what they do!

Taking Action!

The SHCA is in the process of designing programs and initiatives geared towards the community’s youth. Many ideas are in the works. Our first initiative has been a drama program for the youth in the community. The program was a big success, and the SHCA looks forward to putting on more programs like this in the future! It is important that these initiatives are by the community, for the community. They plan to involve as many community members as possible in order to create long-term, sustainable programming.

If you have any ideas that you think could help keep Shea Heights healthy and happy, let them know!

Below is  copy of the action plan. Feel free to check it out!

About the Shea Heights Youth Council

The Shea Heights Youth Council is one of the many steps the Community Alliance is taking to actively engage with youth. The council will provide a way for youth ages 12 to 18 to help make a difference in the community. The key roles for the youth council are: to be the voice of youth for the Community Alliance, come up with ideas for youth programs, and help in create a youth arts program for Shea Heights.

If you or anyone you know are interested in being part of the youth council, then fill out the application form and return it to: Nicole Williams (570-2123) or Christa Norman (576-1023) at the Shea Heights Community Centre

Click the link below for the Application Form

Shea Heights Youth Council Application Form

Upcoming Events

Shea Heights Folk Festival

* The SHCA will have a booth at the folk festival, with a free-throw contest, snacks, and prizes! Stop by and say hello!

* When: July 18th, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

* Where: Shea Heights Community Centre (Baseball Field)


Contact Information

Shea Heights Community Alliance

57b Linegar Avenue

St. John’s, NL, A0A 1J0

Phone: 752-4675 E-mail: